Q: What is Noso? A: Noso is a cryptocurrency developed from scratch, building and running over its own blockchain. It means that it is not a token, a fork or a copycoin.

Q: Where can I download the latest Noso Wallet? A: From the Github repository: (Windows and Linux 64Bit) (here).

Q: Where can I download the latest Nosolite Wallet? A: From the Github repository: (Windows and Linux 64Bit) (here).

Q: What is the difference between Noso Wallet and Nosolite Wallet? A: Both Wallets can be used for managing your Noso coins and have much of the same functionality. They both can be used for the following tasks: Generating new addresses, importing or exporting addresses, customizing addresses, and sending and receiving coins from other Noso Coin holders. The differences between the two wallets are as follows: Only Nosolite allows you to “lock” or password protect individual wallet addresses or “delete” addresses from your wallet (remember locking an address is permanent and if you forget your password, all funds in that address are lost.) Also, multiple Nosolite instances can be run from behind one NAT or public IP address without becoming banned. Only Noso Wallet will allow you to run a Masternode and only one instance of Noso Wallet is allowed to be run from behind one NAT or public IP address. If more than one instance of Noso Wallet is launched from behind one NAT or public IP address, both Noso Wallets will become banned.

Q: Is Nosocoin stakable? A: Yes. Staking is automatic once you have the require Nosocoin amount in a single address.

Q: How does Proof-of-Stake (PoS) work in Noso? A: Each address with a balance higher than 0.20% of the total supply will earn a PoS share when a block is mined. The address will earn the share even if it is not connected to the mainnet. By design, the stake required increases 0.1 Nos each block. To determine the amount of Nosocoin needed to participate in PoS, refer to red box at the bottom of Nosolite wallet.

In the example above, 5328 Nosocoin are needed to participate in PoS

Q: Why is noso.exe and consominer.exe flagged as a virus? A: In the last decade or so, the anti-virus software began using a method called heuristics to better detect viruses that had code to evade detection. While that helped with a better detection, it also came with the undesirable side effect of false positives. This happens more often with non-signed software that has code to access the Internet. Since both, the wallet and the miner do access the Internet, they trigger a false positive. They do not have a virus, they just tickle the anti-virus software the wrong way.

Q: What is Proof of Participation (PoP)? A: Proof of Participation is what allows a Noso pool to distribute block rewards to all active participants, even if they did not find a step solution for that block. Your miner periodically sends solutions to the pool, and the pool awards your miner with “shares”. The number of shares you are awarded corresponds to how easy or difficult the solution you sent was. When a block is eventually mined in the pool, the rewards are divided up among everyone with shares. For example, if your miner had 10% of the shares in the pool, your miner would receive 2.9 Noso (29 Noso block reward X 10%).

Q: What is Nosocoin’s supply? A. Total supply is 21,000,000. Current supply can be found on Nosocoin blockchain explorer (here).

Q: Is Noso listed at any Exchange? A: Not right now, since the project is a open-source project, feel free to get in contact with exchanges to get Noso listed there. The future implementation of NoBiEx and liquidity pool will provide the ability to exchange Nosocoin into other crypto currencies.

Q: How can I purchase Nosocoin A: At the moment there is not an official method for purchasing Nosocoin. It maybe possible to buy Nosocoin from a Discord member by posting an offer in the #general channel. The future implementation of NoBiEx and liquidity pool will provide the ability to purchase Nosocoin.

Q: Are there any Noso Mining pools? A: Yes. Please refer to our mining pools page for the latest available mining pools.

Q: How do I create a new wallet address? A: This can be done from inside any of the Noso Wallets. From within Nosolite, right click under “Address,” select “New.” From within Noso Mobile or Noso Web Wallets, select the “New” button on the top left under the Noso logo. For Noso Wallet, select the “+” button to the right of the “Address” header. **Remember to backup your wallet every time you create a new wallet address.**

Q: How long does it take for Noso Wallet to sync? A: Noso Wallet downloads the full blockchain. Sync time is typically under 2 hours.

Q: Can Nosocoin be mined from a smartphone? A: Yes. Please refer (here) on how to mine with a smartphone. Remember to use the latest mining app for your hardware.

Q: Does Nosocoin support GPU or ASIC mining? A: Nosocoin only supports CPU mining.

Q: Can I mine Nosocoin with my mobile device? A: Yes! Noso is Mobile friendly. Click (here) to learn how to mine Nosocoin with a mobile device using Noso Mobileminer.