To host a Noso Coin pool, you need a wallet and consopool software. A multicore system and at least 4GB of ram are also recommended. When running a public pool, make sure your pool port is accessible from the Internet. Information on how to port forward is publicly available via a web search.

Step 1

Noso Wallet Add Address

To setup Consopool you will need Noso Wallet to obtain your public and private keys. Download the latest version from (here). Open your wallet and generate a new address by clicking the “+” in the address bar heading.

Step 2

Consopool configuration

Download the latest version of consopool from (here)

  • Unzip the downloaded consopool zip file contents into a “consopool” directory.
  • Launch “consopool.exe.” This creates the directory structure and configuration files needed for pool. Close consopool. Locate the “consopool.cfg” file.
  • Open the consopool.cfg file with a text editor and using the address you just created in your wallet, modify the pooladdress.

Step 3

Open Noso Wallet console

expkeys (your address)
  • Type expkeys “yourpooladdress.” This command “copies” your public key followed by private key into clipboard {publickey} {privatekey} separated by white space.
  • Paste the “copied” keys from your clipboard into their respective fields, {publickey privatekey} in the consopool.cfg file.

Fill in the additional fields:

  • poolport – TCP port your pool listens on
  • diffbase – Minimum number of leading zeros the pool will accept from miners
  • poolfee – Percentage this pool will charge as a fee to miners
  • poolpay – Block pay interval
  • ipminers – Maximum number of miners the pool will accept
  • autostart – Automatically start pool when application is launched
  • autodiff – Automatically adjust the diffbase
  • autovalue – If pool restarts, if the count of shares of last block >= {number}, it will keep the diffbase, otherwise, it decrease it by one zero
Consopool help menu

Step 4

Launch consopool.exe. Pool automatically starts once it is launched and shows “Pool server started” below the cursor. Type help for a list of commands.

Your pool is now running and can be accessed by miners.

Please refer to “Mine Noso” on how to mine to a pool.

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