To mine Noso Coin, you will need a wallet and a mining software.

Step 1

Download the latest version of Nosolite wallet from (here)

Wallet will generate a default address, you can generate as many addresses you need. Alternatively you can use Noso Android wallet, or download Noso Wallet both found on Github (here).

Step 2

Follow these step-by-step instructions to setup consominer on Android with Termux to mine Noso.

(1) Install Termux App from FDroid NOT Playstore! Once installed, launch Termux.

(2) Update Termux: pkg update

(3) Upgrade Termux: pkg upgrade

(4) Install Proot Distro: pkg install proot-distro

(5) Install Debian: proot-distro install debian

(6) Login to Debian: proot-distro login debian

(7) Update, upgrade and install wget: apt-get update -y && apt-get upgrade -y && apt-get install wget -y

(8) Download a miner (consominer or noso-2m)

(9) Make miner executable

  • consominer: chmod +x consominer-aarch64
  • noso-2m: chmod +x noso-2m

(10) Run miner

  • consominer: ./consominer-aarch64
  • noso-2m: ./noso-2m -a {youraddress} -t (number of cpus} -i {minerinstance} –pools=”poollabel:poolIP-or-hostname:8082″

When running consominer:
(11) Run benchmark: test

(12) Select cores used: cpu X

(13) Specify wallet address: address Y

(14) (Optional) Specify mining pool, e.g., Mainnet

(15) Start mining: mine

Replace X with the number of cores to use. Replace Y with your with an address from your wallet. Replace Z with your miner’s ID number. Refer to (pools) for the most up-to-date pool list.

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