To mine Noso Coin, you will need a wallet and a mining software.

Step 1

Download the latest version of Nosolite wallet from (here)

Wallet will generate a default address, you can generate as many addresses you need. Alternatively you can use Noso Web Wallet, download Noso Android wallet, or download Noso Wallet both found on Github (here).

Step 2

Follow these step-by-step instructions to setup consominer on Android with Termux to mine Noso.

(1) Install Termux App from FDroid NOT Playstore! Once installed, launch Termux.

(2) Update Termux: pkg update

(3) Upgrade Termux: pkg upgrade

(4) Install Proot Distro: pkg install proot-distro

(5) Install Debian: proot-distro install debian

(6) Login to Debian: proot-distro login debian

(7) Update, upgrade and install wget: apt-get update -y && apt-get upgrade -y && apt-get install wget -y

(8) Download a miner (consominer or noso-2m)

(9) Make miner executable

  • consominer: chmod +x consominer-aarch64
  • noso-2m: chmod +x noso-2m

(10) Run miner

  • consominer: ./consominer-aarch64
  • noso-2m: ./noso-2m -a {youraddress} -t (number of cpus} -i {minerinstance} –pools=”poollabel:poolIP-or-hostname:8082″

When running consominer:
(11) Run benchmark: test

(12) Select cores used: cpu X

(13) Specify wallet address: address Y

(14) (Optional) Specify mining pool, e.g., Mainnet

(15) Start mining: mine

Replace X with the number of cores to use. Replace Y with your with an address from your wallet. Replace Z with your miner’s ID number. Refer to (pools) for the most up-to-date pool list.

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