To mine Noso Coin, you will need a wallet and a mining software.

Step 1

Download and install the latest version of NosoMobile wallet (NosoMobile.apk) from (here).

Wallet will generate a default address. you can generate as many addresses you need. Alternatively you can use Nosolite wallet, Noso Web Wallet or Noso Wallet also found on Github Noso Project site (here).

Step 2

Download the latest version of MobileMiner from (here)

Once the application has installed, you should see the new icon on your device that looks like a golden diamond with a drill bit in the center. Launch the application.

Step 3

Once launched, click into settings on the bottom right corner. Fill in your “address for the funds,” with an address from your Noso wallet, set your CPU cores, and toggle the “miner mode” to pool. Fill in the pool with the IP address or hostname you wish to mine to. Refer to (pools) for the most updated pool list.

You are now ready to mine. Click the “Start Mining” button on the Home screen and watch coins accumulate in your wallet.

Please note, a typical mining period consists of 30 blocks from the moment you start. It takes 5 hours to mine through 30 blocks and you will not see coins in your wallet until after the mining period. When mining you will see a “pool balance” in the top right corner of the miner. This is the balance of coins you will receive when the mining period is expired.

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