Masternodes are used to verify transactions and are among PoS and PoW, one way to earn Noso. Operating a Masternode requires a Noso address that holds at least 0.2% of the total circulating coins (at the time of writing this tutorial, ~5900 Noso) and a server with an outward-facing open port (default port is 8080). At the time of this writing, a standalone CLI wallet is still under development, which means that Nodes are currently operated from within the Noso Wallet.

If you own enough funds, it is straightforward to run a Masternode. Just follow the easy step-by-step guide below, and your Node will be up and running in no time.

  1. Download the latest Noso Wallet release for your OS.
  2. Save Noso Wallet to a folder of your choice.
  3. Open Noso Wallet.
  4. Ensure your Wallet is connected: Network –> Connect.
  5. Select Options –> Nodes.
  6. Activate Master Node by checking the box “Run MasterNode”.
  7. Enter your static IP4 address or activate Auto IP (You can verify your Public IP here).
  8. Specify a port for your Master Nods (default 8080).
  9. Add your Funds address – add the public key of your wallet that holds the required amount of Noso.
  10. Add a Sign address – add the public key of any other of your wallets, this wallet does not need to hold any Noso.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Check if the selected port is open and unblocked by your firewall.

If all entries have been made correctly and the selected port is open and accessible from the outside, a small transmitter icon will appear at the bottom left of the wallet adjacent a green number indicating the number of connected peers.

After a couple of blocks, the transmitter icon will change into a satellite dish icon, indicating that your Node is now fully operating and passively earning Noso.

If you want to verify that your Node is receiving rewards, you can check the last block’s confirmation of payment by selecting the Console tab and typing dt in the console. If your Node is working correctly and received rewards, you will see the following statement: “Your fund address got MN Reward on block XXXX“, where XXXX is the last mined block.

If you went through all of these steps successfully, there is only one thing left to say: “Congratulations and welcome on board, fellow Masternode Operator!