Noso Web Wallet is currently in development. Please check back for updates.

Instead of using a platform specific application, Noso WebWallet uses your device’s local web browser as the application for managing your Noso Coin.

The process is simple. Each time you open Noso Web Wallet, click the “Import” button and browse to your saved webwallet.pkw file to manage it.

Noso WebWallet does not transfer or store any of your personal wallet information in the cloud. Every time Noso Web Wallet is opened or refreshed, your device’s browser re-downloads the WebWallet application locally to your device, thus overwriting any changes you may have made (such as adding new addresses to your wallet).

Please use Noso Web Wallet carefully and be sure to backup wallet changes (address additions) often by using the “Export” feature. Also, be sure to backup your webwallet.pkw to a safe location.

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