This page aims to provide basic information about the Noso project and answers common questions new users might have. To receive detailed help with the mining, wallet, or node software please refer to the respective guides. Don’t forget to join us on Discord to receive project updates and have your say in the development of Noso.


Proof-of-work is essentially one-CPU-one-vote

Satoshi Nakamato

Satoshi Nakamoto famously wrote that in order to facilitate a fair network in which every user has its say, one CPU should have one vote in the system. Although, this idea sounded like a great idea a decade ago when bitcoin was largely mined on small, privately owned home systems, today the excessive growth in bitcoin mining efforts around the world starts to undermine this idea. While it is still true that a single CPU has a vote, the impact single users have on the system is overshadowed by the heavy economical interest of companies that run thousands of miners simultaneously.

Noso is a new generation of cryptocurrency that pioneers a novel, fairer distribution of coins and a more democratic voting system. Instead of the one-CPU-one-vote maxim, Noso employs the idea of one-IP4-one-vote. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Noso is not just a copy of an existing coin but a completely novel project backed by a dedicated team with many years of experience in blockchain technologies. Currently, Noso can be earned through Proof-of-Work mining using the dedicated consominer miner software, through Proof-of-Stake earning by simply holding a certain amount of Noso in your wallet, and through operating a MasterNode.

Noso is a bright new star in the cryptosphere waiting for you to join. We invite you to join the Noso community of friendly, like-minded enthusiasts.

Noso Specifications

  • Name: Noso
  • Ticker: to be announced soon
  • Hash algorithm: Nosohash
  • Total Supply: 21 million coins
  • Initial Block Reward: 50 Noso
  • Current Block Reward: 50 Noso (split between PoW, PoS and MN)
  • Transaction speed: up to 1900 transactions per second
  • Transaction cost: 0,01% (min. 0,00000010 Noso)
  • Block time: 600 seconds
  • Premine: 0.049% (10303.9073 Noso) used as development fund.